The Coffee


The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.® uses only high-quality Arabica coffee beans, which are selected from the leading coffee producing regions of the world, to make our coffee on-site. These specialty-grade coffee beans are roasted fresh daily in small batches for a more controlled roasting process and combined with the best water around – our proprietary water.

Each restaurant location has a coffee station that offers a variety of artisan blends to choose from, including light, medium and dark, as well as decaffeinated coffee. Featuring an assortment of different coffee creamers and flavors, our coffee stations provide customers with endless coffee combinations and all of the essential tools for customizing the perfect cup of coffee at each of our coffee shops.
coffee-beansOur signature Iced Coffee Cubsta®, which features ice cubes that are made completely out of freshly roasted coffee, is a favorite among our Guests. Following our commitment to provide Guests with only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.® never makes its iced coffee from excess or leftover coffee. We specifically brew coffee to be frozen and used in our Iced Coffee Cubstas®.

Brooklyn Dark

A bold, strong and rich coffee to match the character of the men of Brooklyn’s Engine Company No.247

Brooklyn Medium

Full-bodied and complex coffee that offers a sweet citrus note and a lingering bright finish

Brooklyn Infusion

Kahlua, vanilla, and sweet caramel flavoring

Swiss Water Decaf

Chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeinated process. A full-bodied and complex coffee that offers a sweet citrus note and a lingering bright finish

Chestnut Spice Reserve

Chestnuts roasted in sweet cinnamon